Website March 11, 2022


30 years ago it all began with the suggestion
a painting convention be held in Las Vegas;
After all, who doesn't like coming to Las Vegas?
When we were told decorative painters would
never come to "sin city", it was a challenge and
Creative Painting was born!

Since then, we've hosted thousands of painters
and shoppers from here and around the world,
starting at the Sahara, then moving to the
Tropicana, then the Riviera, and back again to the
"Trop". (There were also a few years in Reno).

It's been such an adventure for both Jay and Jayne,
and we sincerely appreciate all the students who
came to take classes, the teachers from around the
world who came to share their passion, and the
vendors who traveled far to make their products
available. We thank you so very much for your
continued support, and we are forever grateful.

It is said "all good things must come to an end"
so after being unable to secure a favorable contract
(location and terms) to provide the experience
you have come to expect and enjoy at a reasonable
rate, and after exhausting other options, the
decision has been made to "close" Creative Painting.

Best wishes to you all, stay well, and

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